KOBE BRYANT: The hypocrisy among Africa’s most influential voices.

🌍 This post is directed at the Influential voices across Africa. As we lend our voices to the death of this superstar and the 8 others who perished with him, we can do more. Rather than use social media to flaunt luxury and paint the “happy side of life”, I want to see us use our platforms to shed light on issues that matter. Insecurity, Terrorism, lack of water and basic amenities are problems our local communities face. In Africa, some of the notable celebrities have fan bases that run into millions. With a single tweet or post shared on Instagram/ Facebook, you can bring light to the situations hindering our progress as a continent but NO! such pictures would spoil the cute layout theme of your Instagram page 🤳🏾 .

We hear reports about Boko Haram beheading people and even filming their final moments. Recently, we learnt that a young girl who was abducted from her school in Nigeria recently put to bed for a Boko Haram commander. I have scanned through profiles from some of the popular celebrity profiles in Nigeria. Not a word or post!! Do we jump up only when the United Nations comes knocking with a Cause to promote? Should we wait to see your humane side only when Global organizations need your voices to achieve their “global reach” or you have an album or film to promote? NO! Charity begins at home. Some of you don’t even know the names of your State Governors let alone, your representatives at the National Parliament. No interest in learning about policies being implemented or clue about how to help advocate for the less privileged. It’s a shame. And by the way, Joi John is not subbing anyone. It is what is what is so don’t come at me because I won’t spare you.

The Kobe Bryant we are all mourning today gave back to his high school. The gymnasium at the Lower Merion high school in Philadelphia is named after him with his memorabilia adorning the walls. In his press statements, he always identified with his school and brought them to national prominence. Some of you would rather not “taint your brand” with references to your humble beginnings. You don’t  consider it needful to go back to your roots and inspire the younger ones looking up to you except you are being paid to do so. We can definitely do better. | 

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