CJ Biggerman: Dear Rick Ross, You be man!

Dear Rick Ross, YOU BE MAN!!
By Joi John

Last night in Accra 🇬🇭, Rick Ross personally introduced the artiste, I wrote about the other day on stage to perform. Since their chance meeting in the hotel lobby, the name CJ Biggerman, has trended on almost every entertainment news portal. What we are about to see in the life of that young man is a 360 transformation courtesy of Rick Ross. I earnestly pray that he remains humble and focused as the fame sets in.

This is a wake up call for A-List artistes in Africa.
Eminem was struggling before he was discovered by Dr. Dre. Our favorite girl, Rihanna was discovered by Jay-Z and he groomed her till she was able to stand out on her own. As at 2001, John Legend was an unsigned artist until one of his demos got into Kanye West’s hands. The rest is history.

Lil Wayne was only eight years old; when he met Cash Money Records owner and rapper, Birdman. He would call Birdman non-stop, leaving rap messages on his answering machine. Birdman eventually returned his call and agreed to mentor Wayne, making him the youngest rapper signed to Cash Money Records. Now, Wayne is a rapper in his own right with his very own label, Young Money. I can go on and on. Why must our own case be different in AFRICA?

There is no way we can become a force if we don’t encourage each other to rise. We should be willing to give people a chance even if they don’t LOOK THE PART.. Don’t let another person’s talent die if you have the means to uplift them. Sometimes all they need is a tiny space on your stage to achieve their dreams▪️

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