$1BN to fight Boko Haram? Seriously??? – Joi John


So the Federal Government will use $1bn to fight Boko Haram. All our 36 Governors in Nigeria approved the withdrawal of the $1 billion from the Excess Crude Account by the federal government to fight the insurgency. $1 solid BILLION in USD. What manner of leaders do we have in this country?

I thought we were told that Boko Haram was technically defeated? I’m curious to know if this battle is now spiritual warfare that the common eye can not see. $1bn to do what for crying out loud?

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49 thoughts on “$1BN to fight Boko Haram? Seriously??? – Joi John

    1. nothing is Better,what is bad is bad no matter who is involved,how on earth can will continue like this,GEJ did not do well but allowing people under him to loot her dry,here we are again with baba doing even worse,what is wrong with our leader,how can everyone agreed to this, it just so sad.

    1. But when Apc was in opposition they made Nigerians believe it was a walk in the park, don’t forget somebody promised to lead the frontline and by atmost 3 months boko harem will be a thing of the past

  1. Buhari can use $50Billion for the most I care, he’s got integrity. There were times in this country when nobody cared to know the whereabout of our $20Billion excess crude except for Amaechi

    1. You can see the type of sycophants and I experienced boys or pikins that speak and defend Rochas, Buhari and APC.
      Because Buhari has ‘integrity’ like Rochas, he should withdraw whatever he likes.
      There are so many mumus and fools in this ‘Rescue Misdion’.
      To Joi, you don’t wait to surprise your adent followers.
      Most commentators are surprised that this good post or observation is coming from you.
      Love to read this from you.

  2. Nigerians are physically, spiritually and mentally being RAPED by their leaders while the youth and others siddon look. It’s a pity.
    Those who can no longer bear it, take off and land in Libya…..waaralife!

  3. That’s a 10 months budget for an aircraft carrier . This not even mentioning an increase in military hardware. $1billion dollar is a drop the ocean when it comes to strategic spending on our military . Remember that our Tanks are mostly outdated , our planes out modeled brining just this 2 categories of our military arsenal to modern standard will wipe over $2 billion dollars in a heart beat . Please revisit the eminence of the military in our priorities, safeguarding our boundaries, combating insurgency , rehabilitation of existing infrastructure and personnel , do that and u will understand the money is very very inadequate. Remember $2.1 billion that went down the drain under Dasuki with nothing to show for it asides our soldiers dying everyday from being ill equipped and unmotivated in the arena of battle . This slated $1 billion is funding that can be traced and finally settled in our defense balance-sheet.

    1. How many terrorist organizations have your Black Water defeated? If defence has been a major area of interest to previous governments, Boko Haram wouldn’t have been an issue to give one a grey hair. We must do the right thing to get it right. I trust PMB in the prudent management of our resources. Very soon we’ll see the effects of what PMB is doing with our resources. All ye PDP apologists should keep quite and go through the pain of nation building. PMB is bea!

  4. Jerome Jr Nwonuma what do u do with the external compotent that infiltrates our boarders to wreck mayhem . Theres such a thing as attack being the best line of defence. To be armed to the tooth is to automatically willed the advantage of a first strike and thats a huge deterrent against any aggression that seeks relevance within our boundaries. Most insurgencies are limited in their domestic scope and reach. The reason BH has been so difficult to contain is because it has strong international affiliation. Thus by securing our boundaries against external agression , you automatically reduce the possibility of domestic upheavals and home grown terrorism like BH .

    1. Porous borders still continues, the political islamization of BH and the lack of any social assistance through biometric data, only indicates a deliberate act with a spill over of insurgency. Security vote is bottomless.

  5. Jerome Jr Nwonuma BH is the new pipe drain leave conduit to siphon funds which is why most of them will care less how many get killed as they need to exist to keep that channel open.

  6. Suleiman U Abubakar
    A bunch of pickup truck driving and motor cycle riding thugs are not funded by any foreign international affiliations, that dose’nt have it origins within local destabilizing intrests, that uses terrorism to direct policies and achieve political objectives

  7. $500 million of that funds will still end in private pockets , babachair David lawal former SGF has he being prosecuted ? What about the chief of staff to Buhari that collected #500 million naira kickback from mtn any news on that ?

  8. I feel so bad that all these cash comes from the sales of oil & gas from the south south and south east . Boko haram was a creation of the north to truncate Dr Jonathan’s goverment it grew and became a monster they could not control any more.

  9. Joy…you are the only one thinking what u are saying! every other Nigerian contractor, gov officials etc are thinking how to get a share of this 1B US by all means necessary! There was a country!

  10. So 1 billion dollars cannot completely restore 100% power in Nigeria and put all the road infrastructure in good Nigeria. I don’t intend any insult but I think the government is insensitive to the problem of the masses. This why our people will continue to die in the Sahara desert and in the Mediterranean Sea. It is so shameful that the citizens are illiterate and ignorant as well as powerless and voiceless.

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