Outrage as South African school is found separating children by color in class.

🇿🇦  The Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke in South Africa has gone viral for the wrong reasons after a picture emerged showing black and white children separated at different tables while learning in class. It is a private school.This time of year is supposed to be joyous as a lot of kids start their school careers while others return to a higher grade. However, one mother’s joy turned into anger after she saw her child and three other black children were seated separately from the white kids in the image  shared on Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke’s WhatsApp group.

According to the mother, she dropped of her child at school and around 9am, the teacher posted a photo of the grade R classroom on WhatsApp to give the parents an update on their kids. However, while all the white parents were saying ‘dankie’ (thank you), she noticed her child and three other black children were seated in the corner of the classroom while the white kids sat next to each other at a single large desk in the middle of the room.

She said no one said a thing about the separation of the grade R class, so, she spoke to another parent outside of the WhatsApp group. Briefly.co.za learned the parent contacted the principal, who claimed to be unaware of the situation. The mother said she was p*ssed about the situation and just hoped her son, five, was too young to understand what happened.

The South African government has launched an investigation.

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